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Infographics -Expo 2020 Dubai- 17 FACTS To Know

Expo 2020 Dubai is officially less than 1 year now . The count down shows that how fast approaching this mega event . For those who are open minded can clearly see the effect it is going to bring to Dubai and UAE as a whole .

Expo 2020 Dubai Infographics
Click on the picture to see interactive element -infographics of Expo2020 Introduction

While there are so much happening at the Expo and we could see the planning and preparation all leads to welcome this spectacular event of a life time . We at Al Kendi team is super excited and are ready to jump in to this one of a life time opportunity

Expo 2020 Dubai - The Highlights

Expo 2020 Dubai 17 facts to know

This infographics reveals the most important findings of Expo 2020 in a visually pleasing medium .

172 days of non stop entertainment in your way is waiting to be explored

Starts from the highlights of Expo 2020 it takes you to areas such as expected visitor to expo 2020 in Millions , Expo 2020 Main theme and sub theme , Ticket rates of Expo 2020 Dubai .

Also you will understand about Expo 2020 logo and it is meaning and ticket discount structures . With a quick glance you will learn the main benefit of Expo 2020 starting from October 2020 and will last April 2021 .

what is in for you in expo Dubai

1st World Expo In The Middle East , Africa And South Asia

"Expo 2020 Dubai will be a celebration of the UAE Vision 2021 by supporting the growth of tourism, stimulating the development of innovative businesses in the UAE, and enhancing the country’s international reputation as a location to do business."

There will be more than 60 live shows to amaze the visitors in the expo site .Participants of 192 countries will showcase their culture and achievements

First world expo
Watch Interactive with music - Expo starts from October 2020 and ends in April 2021

Connecting Minds , Creating The Future - The Expo Theme Will Unlock Many Gems Connecting With The Vision 2021

Welcome to UAE . Soon you will see the globe is skewed to this spectacular happening city : Dubai with its vision to connect with amazing minds and creating a legacy

Expo 2020 aspires to create a meaningful legacy that will benefit generations to come, both locally and globally, spanning everything from innovations and architecture to friendships and business opportunities.

Expo 2020 Sub Themes

  • Opportunity - Inviting innovating ideas to change the world. Expo Live programs will be part of the sub theme Opportunity
  • Mobility-How people, goods, ideas and data move (and what it all means) thus creating a smarter and better connection.
  • Sustainability - Sustainability seeks to portray a life that has to be lived in equilibrium with the world we live in and respecting the nature instead of exploiting and plundering it
Expo 2020 Dubai theme
Watch Interactive Expo 2020 Dubai theme and sub theme

What Is the Expo 2020 Ticket Fees And Your Options To Look For

Expo 2020 dubai ticket
Ticket fares and plans

See The Interactive Report With Sound Here

We have made the findings to more meaningful and easy to understand interactive infographics so that any one can consume it quickly .Here is the link to expo 2020 Dubai infographics .

Mujab Sirajudeen works at ( part of Al Kendi Computer Systems) is an IT company with 13 years of track record of building stable and affordable IT infrastructure in Dubai .

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